Poker bonuses explained

When we hear  the word bonus, we already think about something free, something that doesn’t cost money, something we want and  we can get for free or cheaper with the help of the bonus.  There is a difference between starting from zero and starting with a small gratis amount in a business, vacation or anything that has to do with your wealth...I’m sure you agree with me: “What is free it’s a joy, even if it’s small!”.  As for the free poker bonus, it’s the same as when you to school and you’re one second smarter than the others and you get a reward for your final paper, or a reward regarding  a motivation for the absence of the last I’ve been a little subjective and I referred to those sites that ask to complete a twenty questions quiz for obtaining the lusted bonus from a method they present on the site...this free money is usually offered  by  large poker sites  that afford a proper  and careful maintenance of the virtual environment, in order to attract as many players, even if they are amateurs or professionals,  in a game that offers you equal chances from the start with those who sit at the table with you and force you to pay attention to  gestures and movements of others around you to find out what  everybody wants when they sit at a poker game: “winning the jackpot”. The free poker bonus can be compared with any other commercial of any other existing product on the market or which is going to be an ace on the consumer’s market and also on the buyer’s market. Let’s try a rude comparison of a free poker bonus and a free bonus offered by an auto producer and show the similarity between the two:

Auto producer: Bonus heating seat system at a basic version of a cheap model.
The poker site that  offers the bonus: Bonus to those who sign up for the first time.

Auto producer: Bonus at the selling price if you change an older version of that producer with a newer one.
The poker site that  offers the bonus: Bonus to those who have larger money deposits than  X sum, or who have played for a longer time.

Auto producer: Free service for a certain malfunction or for more malfunctions.
The poker site that offers the bonus: Free assistance for those who play for the first time by offering examples and movies with dedicated playing methods and also explanations towards them.

And the list can go on by finding mutual points regarding the free poker bonus and free bonus in other fields than gambling. This free bonus concept  is like a sensitive side of the body which, once you exit it offers a state of right  as well on short term as on long term. I am talking about the long term because when you receive something for free you remember this even after a year or two, you don’t forget that easily, for example, the first poker bonus received when you signed up on a poker site which provided  X sum in dollars, right? I thought so! Or you never forget about the business you’ve made with the X firm after which your boss offered you as bonus a trip to the mountains where you met the most beautiful girl in your life, right? And this bonus influence on the mentality of the poker player as of those who are not slaves of the game makes its presence felt also in what we do, as in the way we  percept this concept so loveable for our ear and soul!