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You can enter the poker’s world with no money in your wallet! Poker game is like a small business…except here somebody else pays you, offers you bonuses, free poker bankrolls, and several credits to start your business without asking something in return…don’t expect large earnings at the beginning…I’m not talking about professional poker, I’m talking about poker as a too, as you, and many others, go online, click a search engine, and what do I write if I want to start playing poker? ...I will answer this with a question also: “I wonder where will I find the best site which offers me bonuses, free money, free poker bankrolls, free poker capital at my first sign up? Hmm...I don’t know, I don’t have where to know a certain site so I start looking... for my first try I will write “free poker”, as any other of you..the search engine finds thousands of sites trying to outdo each other (as if I don’t know they want to attract by the way they introduce) and this is how I decide they are too many and I restrain my searching circle by writing “free poker bonus”...Too many...I try again...”Free poker money”, “free poker capital bonus”…and I keep looking until I find those wonderful sites that offer the ideal bonus to me, now what? I enjoy, of course. That I received the bonus money in my account, after signing up, and I start playing…I’m a beginner, so it doesn’t take long until I lose that great bonus which I enjoyed..Why? well, there are a lot of reasons: free money, so I don’t care if I lose them, I’m a beginner, I had bad luck, I don’t have experience and so on!

The difficult question is : “ how do I stop losing my free bonus so fast and start winning?” We all know that playing with free money or free bonus is not like playing as if the money are yours…well, let’s see if I can fix that..I repeat once more the step I described above and I find again my favorite site with that free beginners bonus…I sign up…I receive my bonus and before I start playing I think these are my money…I relax and start playing…I didn’t win this time either, except the free bonus the site has offered me...I get upset and go offline and continue the day as if poker doesn’t interest me anymore..but I assure you that at least until I go to bed, I’ll think about the free bonus and the chance that I can make some money today...some time passes by without me trying to play poker ...but after a while I get in the position of being bored again, alone, in front of the computer…hmm…I think about it...a few days ago I had fun playing free poker money...without paying anything...the only investment I made was 2 minutes of my time…the counter value of those two minutes is that free bonus on behalf of the site which I’ve always enjoyed... But this time I think that even with that free bonus I couldn’t win, because I couldn’t consider the free money as my own…that’s it!

I’ve decided to deposit money in the account myself, equal as the value of the free bonus received, this way I’ll double the money and there will be my money too, so I’ll play more calculated and more carefully...And this is the end of the first day in which I won my first poker dollar...You realize how happy I am and I will surely return tomorrow at the same site with whom I got accustomed and which offers me the possibility of winning one dollar more!