Daniel Negreanu alias Kid Poker

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most famous players of poker. He is 31 years old, he won over 8 millions dollars and most of the important tourneys in the world. His nick name is Kid Poker.

He was born in Toronto in a Romanian family. His parents Ana and Constantin Negreanu establish in Canada in 1967. Since he was a child he was told by his parents to follow his dreams in life and this is what he did, he abandoned school when he was almost graduated and he started to play poker.

He started to play 14 years ago when he was 17. Daniel made some efforts to raise some money to play with pro players and he beat players twice his age. A poker player must pay all his expense when he goes in tourney. His parents where so disappointed about Daniel`s choice: “At the beginning they didn’t agree with my decision but now they are proud of me being a success player” says Daniel.

At 21 years old Daniel Negreanu decided to move in Las Vegas, capital of poker. This is how he started his successful career. “Moving to Las Vegas was the most important moment. I needed some time to use to Vegas but in the end it was ok.”

In short time after his establish in Las Vegas, Negreanu started to play in tourneys. He was beat in some tourneys and this forced him to go back in Toronto.

In 1997 Negreanu came back in competition with success. At World Poker Finals he is named the best player. One year later, he wins the title of “youngest poker player” at World Series of Poker.

Poker is not a game of luck Daniel says : “Long term, luck is not a factor of decision, a beginner player can beat me once for sure but if I play with this player for one year he will never succeed in front of me.” Poker means lots of money, you can win in one tourney hundreds of dollars or you can lose them. You must concentrate all the time and don’t lose your patient.

Daniel Negreanu has 5 titles of World champion. He won 3 times World Series of Poker tourney and has 2 WPT titles.