Doyle Brunson alias "Texas Dolly"

Doyle BrunsonDoyle Brunson was born in Longworth, Texas, United States at 10 August 1933. He was a normal farm boy in a small town of 100. He loved athletics and especially mile run, he become very good, he won a State Championship in mile run, Brunson was filled with offers of athletics scholarship from all the colleges in United States. He decided to follow Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene because was just 40 miles far from his home.

Brunson paid his education with money earned from poker games at colleges around Texas. He was a quick learner and his observation skills where very good and he started to win cash. After graduating university he submitted to an office job and after his first salary when he saw his income on that month comparing to his poker winnings he quit and became a professional player.

In 1960 he met Louise, the woman that later would become his wife after several years of convincing that was ok to marry a professional poker player (gambler).

Doyle Brunson was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his throat. Doctors told him that he had several months to live. His last hope was a risky surgery and he chose to do it. After the surgery he was pronounced cancer-free.

He moved from Texas along with his wife and childrens to Las Vegas where poker was legal. In 1976 he won his first title at World Series of Poker and in 1977 his second one. He took the two championships with a full house - tens full of deuces.

In 2005 he won his tenth bracelet of World Series of Poker.

Doyle is still a big name in poker and he is still winning more then he loses, Brunson means when he says: "A man with money is no match against a man on a mission".