Peter Eastgate

Peter EastgatePeter Eastgate is the youngest player at the final table at World Series of Poker in 2008. Peter is 22 years old, he is from Denmark, he is the best online player in Denmark. He was compared by a reporter with Gus Hansen, he said “ maybe Gus Hansen is the next Peter Eastgate” a pretty daring affirmation for a young boy how is in the poker life for 3 years.

Since now, the biggest winnings at live tournaments for Peter where at Irish Open where he won 63.000$. Peter is aware that he doesn`t have the experience of his opponents, but he prepared a strategy for the final table.

“I will make some research on my opponents, I will watch the playing. I have some ideas regarding how I will play at the final table. I am not worried, I will have to change my type of playing because this players are not like my other opponents” stated Peter in a recent interview before the main event at World Series of Poker 2008. Peter has an aggressive game play, he has no fear of his opponents. He says that he tries to take advantage of player weaknesses.