Tony G. (Antanas Guoga)

Tony G.Antanas Guoga alias Tony G. is one of the most aggressive poker players. His friends are saying that he is a really nice guy in his normal life.

Tony G. was born in Lithuania. When Tony was 13 years old his parents decided to move from Lithuania to Melbourne, Australia. The differences of the culture and the life style of Australia affected Tony and he didn’t do to well in school. He found out that he has a vocations for in taking bets and he started to make illegal money. This things were illegal and he got kicked out of school.

In Australia he discovered his love for poker. In 1997 when a big casino named Crown Casino opened he started to play all his money at poker. He made some trips to Las Vegas to play at tournaments but he always returned with no money back in Australia. After that trips he learned to play poker and he succeeded to became a winner to an important tournament.

His game play become dangerous, but also his tongue. Tony G. is known to be an aggressive player and he never miss an opportunity to attack his opponents and beat him mentally. With this things he made some enemies in the world of poker but Tony says this is part of game. Till 2007 Tony G. won over 2.5 million dollars in tournaments. Lot of his money where donated to various charities.

Tony G. launched a website. On this web page his fans can read his thoughts and follow his tournaments results. Fans can also ask Tony questions on his web page and see when and where Tony will be playing, and much more.

The winner of 2002 World Heads Up Omaha Championship, Tony G. played in 8 World tournaments and cashing in five and played two final tables.