3 Card Brag Rules

Three Card Brag is a UK card game very similar to an Indian card game known as Teen Patti (meaning 3 cards)  the aim of the game is very simple as with most card games around the World. . .to get the best hand!

The rules of the game differ from most other card games as some uniqueness occurs in the betting structure and ranking of winning hands. The number 3 features heavily and the best hand possible is three threes.

3 Card Brag Explained

As in poker play moves clockwise from the dealer with each player being dealt 3 cards, one at a time face down. In live brag there is rarely an ante or blinds and the limits are set before the start of each game.

The player to the left of the dealer is first to act and has 3 options.

Option 1: Look at their cards and fold

Option 2: Look at their cards and bet

Option 3: Don’t look at their cards and “bet blind”

Betting blind means that any player/players whom have viewed their own cards must pay twice the amount of the blind bettor, all players can bet blind for as long as they wish. The advantages of this are obviously the chance to win a huge pot with a lot of added value, and it’s very common in UK pubs and clubs to see many rounds of betting blind from all players.

Betting continues until only two players remain in the hand, at this point one can call the other and see each other hand, best hand wins.

3 Card Brag Hands

Highest Hand - 333 known as a prial followed by AAA, KKK, QQQ etc.

A running flush - A23 all the same suit is the highest followed by AKQ, KQJ, 10JQ and so on down to the lowest being 234.

A Run aka a straight - again A23 is the highest followed by AKQ, the lowest once more is 234

A flush - 3 cards all the same suit. The 3 plays no part in the ranking of a flush so AKJ is the highest and all 3 cards count in value.

A Pair - 2 cards of the same face value I.e. AA, KK, QQ again 3’s aren’t ranked higher and are the second lowest pair available.

High card, as above all 3 cards count here so A96 would beat A95. If two identical hands are shown it’s the person who called who loses.

The above rules are based around playing live 3 card brag, the online rules differ in that play commences with blinds as it would in poker. Players also have an option to discard cards after the first round which although it may seen unnecessary it eliminates card counting which is possible in 3 card brag.