World Poker Tour- WPT

World Poker Tour (WPT)The World Poker Tour (WPT) officially began in September 2001. The World Poker Tour was first started by the Casino mogul Lyle Berman and the television producer Steve Lipscomb. World Poker Tour motto is to make poker as a significant televised mainstream sport by broadcasting top poker tournaments around the world under the premier brand of the World Poker Tour.

In United States  there are over 50 million poker players and over 100 million poker players around the world. The two founders Steve Lipscomb and Lyle Berman knew that a televised poker tournament would be entertaining and unique and there would be a great interest.

The first televised tournament was a great success. It succeeded in bringing a unique Poker viewing experience to those of that play poker and for those with  no poker experience.

Whether you are a good poker player you can learn much from one of this show. In past at the televised tournaments you usually only got to see the players hand if there was a showdown. When you watch now a World Poker Tour tournament you have the occasion to see each player’s cards for every hand. This is a great thing in order to see how a professional player plays.

Due to the large success of WPT, a new poker tour was created by WPT, this is called the PPT or the Professional Poker Tour.

WPT 2008 winner: Phil Ivey

WPT 2008 - Phil Ivey