Underage playing advices

Pay attention!
All offers from our site are destinated for all people over the age of 18. We stronly recommend if you are under 18 age: DO NOT APPLY FOR ANY OFFER! Even if you are 18 years it is possible that some offers to be eligible only if you have 21 years old depending on the gambling law for your country!

Don't waste your time to sign up on any bonuses from this website if you don't have the required age because when you will register at the selected poker room they will require additional documents to proof your age such: ID, passport, driving license. In other cases when you will not send your documents (it's possible that some poker rooms to skip this step of verification) your register details will be verified by specialized personnel and if you don't meet all register requirements your account will be rejected.

All this verifications methods are named Integrity Age Verification Services and are usefull as you can understand to be sure that anyone under 18 can't play online at any poker room.

Some advices for those that can put childs under 18's in danger to play online games:

- don't play online games if in your nearby is a child (under 18)

- don't use the function "Save password" if there is a danger for a child to acces your games accounts

- keep your login details in safe places so no one can acces them only you

- don't leave your computer if you're logged into your software

- NEVER share your credit card details or bank account information with peoples under 18's. Keep all this information in safe places!

- if minors can acces your computer (at home, at office and so on...) you can use protection software to limit their acces to online games software.

- also you can create different profiles on your computer so your profile can be password protected and another(s) profile(s) can be accesed without any problems.

With all this things we say again: KEEP MINORS AWAY FROM ONLINE GAMING! If you need assistance you can contact us with any gambling issue!